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Keaalu's NaNoWriMo 2008

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Name:Good as Gold
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Community description:A science-fiction NaNoWriMo novel containing robots
Managing to escape "the Bubble" and the clutches of Yannis and his thugs has left Sei with an increasing number of enemies, who are determined at all costs to exact their vengeance. When the yacht carrying his wife and brother is destroyed in an explosion, he realises that the only way his family is going to be allowed to live in peace is to track down the perpetrator, (attempt to) bring them to justice, and - if possible - try not to die in the process.

Hello and welcome to "Good as Gold", where Abi hopes to post her NaNovel for 2008!
This story may make sense faster if you've first read "Thunder Daughter", 2007's NaNovel, but that is by no means a prerequisite.

Situation: Thus.
My progress on this story was sorely disrupted by my attempts to write "Warped" (a story I was enjoying so much more), at the same time. I made it to my 50k - just - but then rather lost the impetus to do any more.

So, this year, 2012, I am being a bit of a "NaNoRebel"! I am starting work on Good as Gold again, from where I left off in 2008. In preparation, I've posted all the previous work to this community, for consistency's sake - they're all dated 31st Oct 2012 because you can't make posts in communities that would occur in the past. (I wanted to just import it, unfortunately I only worked out AFTER I'd created the community that you can't. I imported the original for consistency's sake - Good as Gold, import and Good as Gold on Livejournal)

I notice that there's some bits that I never actually got around to posting, interestingly, so I'm hoping the first new post shouldn't take too long. I still have no idea how my plot is going to go - roll on Saturday, when I can work properly on it.
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